17 Sep

Cestar High School Campus Access Screening App

Further to the communication regarding mandatory vaccination for campus access, below is the QR code for the Campus Access Screening App that was mentioned was forthcoming. Currently, the app will screen for symptoms and ask you to attest to your full vaccination status. It will include a document upload option/verifiable wallet. In the meantime, the school will continue to provide supporting documents (e.g., vaccination certificates) to Jessica via email.

One of the requirements of the Postsecondary Education Health Measures Framework is monthly reporting on campus access. If you are accessing campus, you must complete this app, attesting to your vaccination status before entry. Once the screener is complete, the below approval should be shown to the security guard to gain campus access.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, contact Shawn Sheldon via email (Shawna.Sheldon@cestarcollege.com) or phone (647-291-0044).


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